A trip to Thailand is Now Easy


Have you ever been to a place without any planning? Of course, not! We always check out on the places to visit before visiting any place for not wasting most of the time lazing around. You might either use the Google Maps or hire a guide. At times, Google maps can get you lost around finding a place. Also, relying on Google maps can get you in trouble as well if you lose out on internet connection. Whereas, if you hire a guide, it might cost you an amount that is out of your budget.

Are you planning a trip to Thailand any sooner? You would not anymore need a guide or Google Maps. This is because there are app in Thai, available on the playstore and appstore which you can download prior to travelling. You would receive the questions to all your answers whatsoever it maybe.

Renting a 2-wheeler

If you are planning a long trip, it is ideal to rent out on a vehicle as you board the airport. It could be a 2-wheeler like bike that you can hire if you love riding. Opting for a 2-wheeler might save on your diesel or petrol charges as compared to a 4-wheeler. Another advantage would that be of you can travel faster and avoid those long waiting lines.

Renting a 4-wheeler

 Whereas, if you are travelling with your family or if you love driving, opt for a car. It can save you from rains and excessive sun-heat as well. It’s you who has to decide.

Luxury Apartments- Giving Residents The Chance TO Enjoy The Great Life

.Luxurious apartments in Mumbai are getting more and more accessible to the flourishing and prosperous middle classes. With the sudden growth of the market, there was a sudden increase in the aspirations of the urban middle classes that have helped to fuel the rise of the housing market.  To explore more details about the luxury apartment you may check here https://renttheforge.com/long-island-city-apartments.

Luxury Apartments- Giving Residents The Chance TO Enjoy The Great Life

There are pick ranges of these luxury apartments that are ideally located and have been the hottest focal point for culture and style. The requirements of prospective home buyers are taken into consideration in the impeccable finishes to the lively city views.

These top-notch amenities include a serene outdoor swimming pool and a state of the art gym. Living in this town has never been better.

The towers are a blend of historical splendor with the contemporary luxury people desire. The apartment interiors are a mix of Indian aesthetics with modern European operation. These apartments are elegant and dignified yet inviting and comfortable.

They offer you a green living chance with elegantly landscaped gardens. These gardens help to create an ambiance and atmosphere of tranquility and calmness. With at least one room in each apartment overlooking these gardens that they provide the perfect haven for residents to unwind and relax from a hard day's work.

These homes aim to supply the perfect balance between luxury and serenity. They're fused with standing elevating elements that allow tons of room for customization. Designing homes that are supposed to cater to the whims and dreams of the elite is not a simple feat. These homes are elaborately designed the color patterns of the walls is in sync with the theme of those flats. 

Essential Ingredients In Thai Dishes

Thai cuisine is known for its balance of sweet, spice, sour, and salty flavours. There are different types of ingredients that are used in Thai cuisine to create flavours. Following are some of the main ingredients that are frequently used in Thai recipes:

Courtesy: placelookup

1. Thai Fish Sauce

In Thai, it is called as NamPla; a sauce made by fermenting small fish called anchovies in salt.  It contains a high percentage of sodium so it is advised to be used in a very small quantity.

2. Curry Paste

Another commonly used ingredient in Thai food is curry paste. There are basically two types of curry pastes; greed and red. Both types contain coriander, galangal and lemon grass. Green curry paste consists of green chilies and the red one consists of red chillies.

3. Coconut Oil And Milk

In most Thai recipes coconut oil and coconut milk are the main ingredients. These two provide Thai dishes with their unique nutty flavour. Coconut based ingredients are used in almost every Thai dish.

4. Rice

Rice is the staple food of Thailand so sticky rice is the main side in Thai cuisine. Different types of rice like jasmine rice, black sticky rice or whole grain rice are used in Thai food. You can easily find rice based dishes in any Thai restaurant in Melbourne.

In Thai dishes, lemon grass is also used in both fresh and dried form. It provides a nice, balanced and refreshing tang to the dish.

How to Make Museums Fun for Kids?

Most people who like to visit museums want to have a few free hours so that they can roam around, read plaques or listen to the audio tour. People with children often have to cut their tours short for the sake of their own sanity and to deal with their child’s tantrums.


Following are a few ways you can make museums a fun place to visit for your kids as well:

1. Maps and brochure

It is a fact that you can make anything fun with the right visual aids and most children love maps. Give kids a map or some information brochures and let them ask about different places shown in the. Moreover, give them a chance to navigate as almost every room has something new in a museum and they would not be disappointed.

2. Make it a game

The classic museum game most children like is they have to select one thing they can rescue if the museum is on fire. Or you can ask about the era in which they would like to live in if they had a choice. You can ask similar questions in every room or section of the museum to keep them occupied. If you have younger kind you can ask them to count number of arrows in the painting to keep them interested.

3. Scavenger Hunt

Most museums have a guide for their most famous collections or art work. Select one or a few items when you enter the museum and allow your kid to go for a treasure hunt. If they are able to find all the things you can get them a reward from Souvenir shop.

When visiting hellfire pass museum you can make it fun for your children by keeping them occupied.

Whale Shark Watching at Oslob in Cebu

Oslob, Cebu is one of the top choices of every traveler around the world on an itinerary for Southern Cebu. Oslob also takes pride for its scenic spots and activities. People can never go wrong with Oslob Cebu with the nature that it offers. Oslob Cebu is located near the sea, and the waters will greet a beautiful song with its waves and people find this as a perfect morning to start the day at Cebu. And as you go to the briefing area of the Whale Sharks, you will see a long line of people who waits for their turn and it’s quite a disturbing scene.

The Whale Shark interaction in Oslob is a 30-minute interaction with the whale sharks that will make you enjoy as if you’re riding in a rolling coaster. Before you swim and interact with them, you will have a quick short orientation required for the safety of the guests and the whale sharks as well. The orientation will only take around 5 minutes.

If you want to interact with the whale shark in a closer scale, you can go for a snorkeling that will cost 500 Pesos for Filipino and 1000 Pesos for foreigner that will include snorkeling gear but we suggest you that you bring your own for your hygienic purpose and a life vest that you can take off if you don’t like to float and not sink on the water in the interaction area. And if you just wanted to just stay on the boat and scared to interact and swim with them, which would cost for 300 Pesos for Filipino and 500 Pesos for foreigners. It’s a very rare and amazing activity that will truly make you cherish the moment of frightening and wondering.

After the long queue, the boatman will bring you to the area where you can interact with the whale sharks and then they will give you a go signal if it’s the time to start your 30 minutes of interaction. You are instructed to have a 4-meter distance away from the whale sharks.

You will truly enjoy the overall experience and Cebu Tours is open to help you with your needs for the tour that you are planning especially for Whale Shark Tours.

Canelo Alvarez Is Going To Make History For The Middleweight Title

September 16 will be one of the biggest events that is going to happen in the boxing industry as two top dogs are going make their way to become the only one champion in the middleweight division. Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena opened its venue for the most anticipated fight and in line with that, the Canelo vs GGG live streaming platform on the line as well.

Canelo also reiterated that it will definitely be one of the best fights that is going to happen not just in his career but to the expecting fans as well since both of them have a different and unique way of fighting. They can deliver powerful knockouts and their boxing intelligence is beyond par. Mexican fighters over time are branded to have or deliver exhilarating and thrilling bouts and both fighters just completed the ingredients of an exciting match up.

Canelo earned his spot to fight the best in the industry and he came a long way for this fight to happen although it took a lot of time still this will be his greatest achievement. He(Canelo) has a lot of experience in the ring and rightfully he can fight one of the biggest names in the league.

Although both fighters’ bout is coming to a close, Canelo felt no pressure. They are preparing for the biggest fights of their lives and preparations are done concisely so as both fighters can reach their optimum level. They have the best sparring partners that they could get but it will still be different once they face-off in the ring. Golovkin is a power puncher that is not a doubt questionable but being a smart fighter himself, he has been preparing a lot of ways to counter his opponent and get a knockout of Golovkin. The Canelo and Golovkin clash will be recorded in the history of boxing and there will be only one champion in the middleweight division; Canelo.

Mayweather vs McGregor: Mayweathers unknown weakness – the breakable fist of a 49-0 fighter

Nine figures? Selling a fight is not a hard thing for this iconic combat sports athlete namely: Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Which also means from Floyd’s latest prediction tell us that “It won’t go the distance. I look forward to ending the fight early. It’s not going the distance.”

‘Money’ Mayweather won’t probably knock McGregor out due to a long-standing problem, said Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Mayweather Sr told the Fox Sports, “I ain’t gonna say a knockout because my son got a hand problem. That’s a true story, he got a hand problem.” He added: “He gonna make Conor McGregor look like a fool. Believe me.” But expect the ending of this fight will be crooked in the decision.

Mayweather’s record features 26 KOs (53 %) out of his 49 wins. His last KO was against Victor Ortiz, which is a very controversial termination against Ortiz, eight fights and six years ago. He wasn’t able to KO consecutively since 2000-01, against Emanuel Augustus and Diego Corrales.

Why? Because of his fight against hand problems for his entire career, that force him to become a defensive type and counter punching exponent who no one has been able to stop.

Mayweather’s former cutman Miguel Diaz revealed that broken hands have been a problem for their family for two generations, having also wrapped the hands of his uncles Roger and Jeff Mayweather and his father, Mayweather Sr.

Diaz told the Daily Intelligencer that Mayweather Jr has all the problems in the world with his hands in 2015, before the Manny Pacquiao fight.

“Their bones did not grow strong. They all have the same hands and the same problems. They didn’t have enough calcium as babies.”

Rafael Garcia, another long-time former cutman of Mayweather, revealed that he used a special, unnamed Mexican medicine on the boxer’s hands. And of course, Mayweather did not even try to stop Pacquiao, embracing an ultra-conservative gameplan that annoyed the millions of fans who paid to watch the super-fight.

The Mayweather-McGregor carnival is coming to Brooklyn

The battle could be a nap, yet the question and answer sessions ought to be paramount. Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, two of the greatest artists in sports, will share the phase amid a four-city squeeze visit that starts Tuesday in Los Angeles with a stop in Brooklyn on Thursday. 

With extra question and answer sessions in Toronto on Wednesday and London's Wembley Stadium on Friday, the global press visit will authoritatively commence advancement of the Aug. 26 bout between Mayweather, the resigned unbeaten champion of boxing, and McGregor, the dynamic UFC champion, in Las Vegas. Tickets for Thursday's question and answer session at Barclays Center are accessible allowed to people in general at Ticketmaster.com on a first-start things out serve premise. 

Brett Yormark, the CEO of Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment, has spent late years assembling a solid boxing nearness at Barclays Center and sees only advantages to facilitating the Mayweather-McGregor presser. 

"I believe it's stupendous for the game of boxing," Yormark said. "I'm a perfectionist, but on the other hand I'm a showcasing fellow. My child is 12 years of age and every one of his companions are discussing the battle and they're UFC fans. This is bringing a substantially more youthful gathering of people into boxing that hasn't upheld boxing in the course of the most recent few years." 

Thursday's timetable has entryways opening at 5:30 p.m. with a pre-indicate set for 6 p.m. The genuine public interview is booked to begin at 7 p.m. The battle is relied upon to be the wealthiest occasion in boxing history, getting more than the $600 million created when Mayweather battled Manny Pacquiao in May 2015. 

Mayweather, 40, resigned at 49-0 subsequent to beating Andre Berto in September 2015 and appeared to be glad in retirement until being gotten out by McGregor, who turned into the principal UFC warrior to at the same time hold two titles in various weight divisions. The Irishman has since surrendered the featherweight belt. 

Having in fact never boxed professionally, McGregor, 28, is a gigantic underdog, and the matchup has been panned by numerous, particularly those in boxing. In any case, Yormark, who attempts to convey shows and different attractions to the field, acknowledges what offers. 

"It's an occasion," he said. "I don't really take a gander at it as a boxing occasion. I take a gander at it as a noteworthy occasion. We're all in the huge occasion business and this is a noteworthy occasion that is consuming up room in daily papers and is the discussion via web-based networking media. It's all over and it's just going to become throughout the following 45 days. It puts boxing on the front pages of the games area rather than the back and that is incredible for the game."

Mayweather Vs. McGregor Tickets On Sale Today Priced At Up To $10,000

The confrontation between the greatest stars in boxing and UFC is not as much as a month away and tickets are still not discounted. That progressions today with tickets for Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor accessible at 1 ET at Tickmaster.com . Tickets for the August 26 session run from $500 to $10,000 with extra expenses connected at checkout. Different tickets cost $1,500, $2,500, $3,500, $5,000 and $7,500. There is a point of confinement of two tickets for each family.

The field, which opened a year ago, holds 20,000 for boxing. The get-in cost is more affordable than the 2015 Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao session where the least expensive rundown cost was $1,500 at the 16,800-situated MGM Grand Garden Arena. Just 500 tickets were discharged to the general population in that battle with the rest doled out to promoters and others required with the session.

The tickets accessible at 1 ET are just for the individuals who got a code from Ticketmaster's Verified Fan program. The objective of the program is to keep ticket specialists from gobbling up the majority of the accessible stock before the overall population. The full deal to the overall population is Wednesday at 1 ET.

While tickets still can't seem to hit the market for Mayweather-McGregor, you would already be able to offer on them on the optional market. Ticket affiliate TicketIQ has more than 400 tickets accessible as of Monday morning at costs beginning at $3,000 for nosebleed seats, and they run as high as $24,000 for ringside ones.

The Mayweather-McGregor battle guarantees to be one of the greatest budgetary bonanzas ever, keeping pace with a Super Bowl or the Mayweather-Pacquiao session, which produced $600 million in income. The compensation per-see crowd will at last decide how huge a money cow the night is. The battle is evaluated at $100 for the top quality PPV sustain ($90 in standard def) and Las Vegas is as of now assuming control under wagers on 4.99 million PPV purchases. Mayweather-Pacquiao had 4.6 million purchases.

The two contenders will rake in huge profits on the session. McGregor is set to win in any event $75 million, which would be five times any payday he had at UFC. Mayweather has made a vocation of huge paydays befitting a warrior nicknamed "Cash." He earned generally $250 million for his consistent choice over Pacquiao. Another payout thusly would drive his vocation profit to $1 billion. Mayweather would be quite recently the third competitor to gain $1 billion from his wearing vocation after Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.

Mayweather was the most generously compensated competitor three times finished a four-year traverse before his "retirement" in 2015. The McGregor battle is certain to return him on top once more.

The Best Sailing Destinations of the World

The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands boast that they will have more yachts there than anyone else on the planet, reminding everyone else that this destination will be the perfect place to charter a yacht.

Together with luxury shore resorts, pristine white sands, posh boutique shopping and outstanding restaurants, the British Virgin Islands have it all as a legitimate sailing dream land with more than 40 islands and hundreds of anchorages, all within sight of one another. If you want additional hints about Croatia sailing charter then you are at right place. Check out online websites for more info.

The Seychelles

The magnificent Seychelles archipelago of 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean, off the east shore of Africa, boasts several of the most glorious fauna and flora on earth, only 4 degrees south of the equator. The outer islands are low-lying, mostly coral atolls and sailing will be done primarily on the inner islands, all close together which causes easy island-hopping.

The Seychelles Islands can best be described as heaven on earth with towering granite rocks, swaying palm trees and turquoise inlets that are framed with sparkling white sand beaches. Mahe is the largest island also as it is surrounded by various islands, its own shores are rather serene and secure. For more additional information about Sailing in Croatia, you can check out http://www.sailing-holidays-in-croatia.com/.

The Greek Islands

Sailing is really the ideal way to have these magnificent islands, putting your own island-hopping itinerary, finding secluded dining or spots on Greek cuisine. The Greek Islands are also home to some of the greatest sunsets on the ground and with over 300 days of sun annually which makes that one of the greatest places on earth to charter a luxury yacht.

Every one of these islands has their very own distinctive personality making every event trip exceptional. The continuous sunshine, traditional white washed villages, ancient archeology, stunning organic landscapes and rich culture brings sailors from all over the planet.