Different Kind Of Challenges Are Associated In Creation Of An Art


Learning Street Art Is Not As Easy As Other Learning Other Art

People are inclined towards learning the form of art in which they are interested and every kind of art needs specific style of learning and training. When it comes to street art then the learning becomes much more difficult because there is no specific institute which provides trainingfor street art. Street art is done through spray paint and it is never easy to handle the spray paint for painting in detailed manner.

Controlling a spray paint while creating an art is quite difficult as one needs to move and rotate their wrist and arm and that is where the expert artist have the expertise. Spray paint comprises of the dome and it has ½ inch height but earlier it used to be 1½ inch of height and that made it difficult to spray on walls with detailed specification. Although things have become easy for artist nowadays but still street art comprises of many challenges.

Varieties OF Art

With the challenge associated in the creation of street art painting, there are also varies other forms of street art. Tag, mural, roller, legal walls are few examples of different kind of street art. Street art differ not in their style but also in the way they are created and the place where they are created. As for example in the roller street art, roller brush is used where as in the legal walls street art, art is done on the wall with the due permission from the owner of the property.

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