Essential Ingredients In Thai Dishes

Thai cuisine is known for its balance of sweet, spice, sour, and salty flavours. There are different types of ingredients that are used in Thai cuisine to create flavours. Following are some of the main ingredients that are frequently used in Thai recipes:

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1. Thai Fish Sauce

In Thai, it is called as NamPla; a sauce made by fermenting small fish called anchovies in salt.  It contains a high percentage of sodium so it is advised to be used in a very small quantity.

2. Curry Paste

Another commonly used ingredient in Thai food is curry paste. There are basically two types of curry pastes; greed and red. Both types contain coriander, galangal and lemon grass. Green curry paste consists of green chilies and the red one consists of red chillies.

3. Coconut Oil And Milk

In most Thai recipes coconut oil and coconut milk are the main ingredients. These two provide Thai dishes with their unique nutty flavour. Coconut based ingredients are used in almost every Thai dish.

4. Rice

Rice is the staple food of Thailand so sticky rice is the main side in Thai cuisine. Different types of rice like jasmine rice, black sticky rice or whole grain rice are used in Thai food. You can easily find rice based dishes in any Thai restaurant in Melbourne.

In Thai dishes, lemon grass is also used in both fresh and dried form. It provides a nice, balanced and refreshing tang to the dish.

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