Factors to Consider When Buying Commercial Door Hardware

An Overview of Factors That Play an Important Role During Purchase of Commercial Door Hardware

Selection of commercial door hardware (such as door handles and locks) can become a complicated endeavor due to the abundance of available choices. As such, this is the topic we will be covering in greater depth in following sections and analyze factors you need to check to find most suitable door handles and locks for your commercial establishment.

Choosing the Most Appropriate Door Handles and Locks

Door Handle's Style

commercial door hardwareOne of the important factors you will have to look into at the time of selection of door handles will be the style for the same.
Thus, few of the things you will have to consider would include the theme of your building, the design of different rooms as well as door designs which have been used within the building. By examining and matching the style of handles with style of your building you will be able to make sure that they will not look out of place.
In this context you will have to figure out the following:
• Will it be necessary to match designs of door handles and their corresponding rooms?
• Can door handles have a different design but keep similar color and finish as of the rooms or opposite of the same would be more suitable?

Security Concerns and Locks

At the time of buying commercial door hardware such as locks, one of the important factors you will have to look into will be security it is able to provide. For instance, if the lock is required for an entrance door then in such situation you will have to look for mortice locks as they provide better security as compared to other types of locks (such as tubular latches). However, tubular latches/locks are commonly used due to the fact that it is pretty easy to install them and no special tools or training is necessary for completing such installation. Still, it will be better to set up a mortice lock at your commercial establishment instead of tubular locks, some strong reasons in favor of such decision include:
• These mortice locks offer 5 times the strength tubular locks have.
• They have hardened cylinders, making them tamper proof. Moreover, they also provide better spring and sturdy dead bolt throw.
• Mortice locks have what is known as euro cylinder which makes it possible to use about 2,000 key differs. Thus, if a thief tries to break into your commercial establishment then he will have to bring in at least 2,000 keys to succeed in his endeavors.

Environment and Its Effects

Another aspect to check while buying commercial door hardware would be effect of environment. Few of the aspects you need to check are:
• In case your commercial store is in any tropical location or very near the ocean then it will be better to buy stainless steel door hardware. 
• Similarly, satin chrome provides greater corrosion resistance and as such should be your preferred choice when you are looking for door hardware for your interior doors.


As we can see, by analyzing all relevant aspects you will be able to select door hardware that is right for your commercial establishment.

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