Loads of Money Thrown At McGregor

A big and stupendous fight is going to happen a month from now that will definitely excite both fans of boxing and MMA. It is said as well that this will be greater than the previous Pacquiao and Mayweather fight and the fight will definitely be profitable. This is the McGregor vs Mayweather live fight held at Las Vegas’ T-mobile Arena. And right now, both fighters with their respective teams and alongside with the promoters of the fight are recently on a tour of London for their conference. Media conferences by these fighters have always been exciting and explosive as these are one of the toughest trash talkers in the industry; the very best in mockery.

The recent New York conference showed that Mayweather bathed McGregor with dollar bills which almost irked McGregor on what Mayweather just did. Conor McGregor has always been a beast in his league especially in UFC as an MMA fighter, however, he has never been in a professional boxing fight or he has never boxed professionally that is why comes to a point if he can really knock out Floy Mayweather at his comfort zone. As they are still on a tour for the promotion of their fight, so far McGregor enjoyed every minute of it since he noticed that he has a very wide audience and or fans in his side opposed to Mayweather that more than 15,000 individuals do not enjoy his presence.

Their press conferences and face offs have always been exciting not just for them, but the audience as well. They have been throwing harsh words back forth that even their back support companions are ridiculed as well. Both fighters and including their promoters are catcalled during their conferences and that is to the fact that sometimes the fighters just crossed the line and had been too much for the audience to take as well.

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