Mayweather versus McGregor: Memories from James Toney and Randy Couture from when boxing met MMA

James 'Lights Out' Toney plainly recollects the sentiment weakness constrained upon him amid his erratic experience into MMA.

His appalling three-minute investigation in another game – a different universe, in truth – might go about as a rude awakening to Conor McGregor who will travel the other way to confront Floyd Mayweather in August. However Toney, who has "no second thoughts" about running into UFC legend Randy Couture, needs his recollections to enable McGregor to find out about making such a sensational move.

"Everyone knows I'm not a ground and pound contender, I don't do that," Toney solely disclosed to Sky Sports. "I'm a straight up boxer. I trained, however the person is an exceptional wrestler. I attempted to get up, however… "

Boxing and MMA have since quite a while ago butted heads. In the event that UFC champion McGregor's forthcoming introduction in the ring against 49-0 ace Mayweather is the pinnacle of the contention, at that point Toney's short stay in the pen is the accumulation's religion exemplary.

"Contrasting boxing and MMA has been going ahead since the formation of blended hand to hand fighting, however they're apples and oranges," Couture only disclosed to Sky Sports.

"James Toney, in 2010, chose he needed to venture into the MMA enclosure and attempt his hand, since he was a best positioned boxer. However, that didn't toll too well for him.

"He saw an open door. The genuine inquiry was: the amount MMA would he have the capacity to learn in the four months that he needed to plan? That was addressed before long on battle night."

Toney was wrestled to the floor inside 15 seconds, before he had even endeavored a punch. The peculiar sight of a superbly talented boxing symbol thrashing pitifully finished when Couture constrained his accommodation by means of a strangle hold.

"My arrangement was to thump him out rapidly however he got to my legs, brought me down, and did what he did," Toney recollected. "It worked. MMA is not my amusement but rather, on the off chance that I did it once more, it would have been distinctive.

"I would have cherished for Randy to do a bout yet he wouldn't. I couldn't grapple with him yet he can't box with me."

Couture, to be reasonable, recognizes to such an extent. He reviewed: "I wasn't sufficiently senseless to test James Toney's hands while wearing 4oz gloves. That would have been absurd.

Toney versus Couture is the latest huge expansion to the peculiar reiteration of cross-codes battles, and there are parallels with Mayweather versus McGregor.

Toney was a cautious virtuoso and multi-weight best on the planet from Grand Rapids, Michigan, before similar ventures made Mayweather in his resemblance. Couture was the primary UFC contender to win titles in two divisions, before McGregor gazumped him by holding two at the same time.

But then Toney and Couture, joined by three minutes of franticness, concur on a certain something. Regardless of the one-sidedness of their battle, they won't reject McGregor's odds against Mayweather. "My battle has inspired nothing to do with Conor McGregor. He must do him," Toney said. "Do whatever he can do."

"McGregor won't get thumped out," Couture demands. "He's more youthful, he's greater, he's irregular as a southpaw. He won't toss things that Mayweather is accustomed to seeing."

Thus these two games are set to impact by and by. It is an inquiry that has been postured earlier in any case, this time around, Conor McGregor supposes he has the appropriate response.

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