How kids around the world are Gob smacked by the Japanese Animes series?

 There is not a single household where kids have not heard about the cartoon characters GOKU, ASTRO boy and the famous episodes such as one piece, ace of diamond and one punch man. Unlike the comedian cartoon characters of the past, the Japanese Animes display real human figures with panache for actions.

Backed by cutting edge technology and powerful story line, the animation serials are few notches above the similar cartoon programs. RAKUDAI KISHI no cavalry episode is very popular as it is available in the west European and North American market in English. Japanese name signifies the heroic tales of the failed knight. The series is based on adult theme, therefore people from all age group can identify with the program.

Like its counterpart, dragon Ball Z, the primary protagonist called Blazer in the episode has supernatural powers. He aspires to become the most distinguished knight by participating in the SEVEN Star Sword art festivals organized by the popular academics in Japan. The hero fights with the help of an INTETSU device and destroys his opponents. The story is inspirational because it create an adrenaline rush in the minds of the audiences. Apart from blazer some other interesting characters include NAGI ARISUIN and KAGAMI KUSAKABE.