Types Of Cables For Industrial Applications

There are different types of cables that are used in industries. Each type of cable has different chemical and mechanical properties that make it reliable for specific tasks and projects in industries and plant operations. Each application has different requirements; things that are common in most applications are actuators, control units, and type of sensors.


Following are some types of cables that are frequently used in industrial applications

1. PUR Cable

These types of cables are known for their durability and flexibility. Moreover, these cables have good resistance to oil and chemical based agents and have good mechanical strength. This makes it a good option for machines that are used around the clock. Usually, these types of cables are used in plant engineering, production lines, assembly lines and manufacturing tools.

2. PVC Cable

This type of cable comes with PVC sheathing and can easily tolerate a moderate amount of stress. These cables have medium mechanical strength but offer high resistance from different types of chemical agent. These are usually used in food industries.

3. PUR ‘A’ Cable

These are alternative choices for irradiated PUR cable. These cables are resistant to oil and chemicals and have good mechanical strength. Moreover, they are resistant to sparks created by welding and flame resistance. These cables are usually used in automotive industry. Another good thing about these cables is they can easily be recycled.

4. POC Cable

These cables come with thermal resistance up to 150 centigrade and have the ability to tolerate hot welding residue. This type of cable is considered the best option for weld cell, steel industries and automotive industry.

Other commonly used types of cables in industries include PUR OD cable sheathing, PUR U cable and PUR OD cables which can easily be bought from cable equipment Australia shop.