Canelo Alvarez Is Going To Make History For The Middleweight Title

September 16 will be one of the biggest events that is going to happen in the boxing industry as two top dogs are going make their way to become the only one champion in the middleweight division. Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena opened its venue for the most anticipated fight and in line with that, the Canelo vs GGG live streaming platform on the line as well.

Canelo also reiterated that it will definitely be one of the best fights that is going to happen not just in his career but to the expecting fans as well since both of them have a different and unique way of fighting. They can deliver powerful knockouts and their boxing intelligence is beyond par. Mexican fighters over time are branded to have or deliver exhilarating and thrilling bouts and both fighters just completed the ingredients of an exciting match up.

Canelo earned his spot to fight the best in the industry and he came a long way for this fight to happen although it took a lot of time still this will be his greatest achievement. He(Canelo) has a lot of experience in the ring and rightfully he can fight one of the biggest names in the league.

Although both fighters’ bout is coming to a close, Canelo felt no pressure. They are preparing for the biggest fights of their lives and preparations are done concisely so as both fighters can reach their optimum level. They have the best sparring partners that they could get but it will still be different once they face-off in the ring. Golovkin is a power puncher that is not a doubt questionable but being a smart fighter himself, he has been preparing a lot of ways to counter his opponent and get a knockout of Golovkin. The Canelo and Golovkin clash will be recorded in the history of boxing and there will be only one champion in the middleweight division; Canelo.

Cotto does not need to fight Golovkin

Current WBC Middleweight Champion Miguel Cotto has greatly expressed himself regarding the success of his career. He stated, “I don’t need Golovkin to write my story”. This short yet direct statement from Cotto caught the attention of everyone longing for the upcoming November 21 mega fight Cotto vs Canelo. The venue is at the Mandalay Bay Events, Las Vegas.

Gennady Golovkin recently won against David Lemiuex in a middleweight unification match. UFC mandates that the next fight for Golovkin is the winner of the Cotto vs Canelo battle. Golovkin’s victory brought honor to the Kazakh community in boxing history.

Earlier Canelo recounted that he will not face Golovkin unless it will be on a 155 pound catch weight. In addition, Cotto is also unwilling to fight Golovkin in his weight demand. Now both are not interested for a match against Golovkin. This would definitely make him the ultimate champion in the division. WBC  has already decided that the Cotto vs Canelo  should face Golovkin.

Golovkin’s weight demand seems unlikely to both Cotto and Canelo. However, this remains to be solved as the match between the two is yet to come. The winner must decide to fight against Golovkin or just allow him to be a champion in no time.