Things We Need To Know About Child Custody and Paternity

A person who is involved in a paternity suit probably has questions about the ramifications paternity has on child custody. Here are some answers to some common questions that people have concerning paternity and child custody. You may contact infant support attorneys Los Angeles, if you want to know more about child support laws.

1) What is a paternity suit?

A paternity suit, or claim, is a legal case brought against a man to prove he is the father of a child. Maternity is rarely questioned and is established at the hospital.

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2) How do you start a paternity suit?

If a mother wants to start a paternity claim, she should do so after talking to the father. She should sit down and explain to the father that he has a child and she would like his involvement in the child's life.

3) How does paternity affect child custody?

Once paternity is established, the father has the rights and duties associated with custody. He will be required to pay child support to the mother–who is most likely raising the child at this point.

4) How does establishing paternity help the child?

Paternity laws are set up to protect the children. A child has the right to be raised and supported by both parents–and a mother and father both have obligations towards their children.

5) What sort of visitation schedule should the father and mother set up?

A custody and visitation schedule will depend on how old the child is when paternity is established. If the child is an infant, the parents should schedule many frequent, day time visits with the father.