Better Substitutes Entering Makeup World


Not all mineral foundation is created alike. While opting for mineral foundation one must pay extra attention upon the ingredients list and should go for the one with less of synthetic ingredient. Mineral foundation comprises of mica, titanium dioxide and iron oxides among other ingredients.

Wrinkles, aging, acnes, blemishes, other skin irritation demands for mineral foundation. Mineral makeup generally contains less chemical based ingredient as parabens, fragrances, binders and synthetic dyes and helps in eliminating skin related problems. It truly suits the need of every skin type and improves the skin quality.

Application for mineral foundation is not as simple as traditional foundation but with added benefits of mineral foundation one is ready to opt the application method of mineral foundation. Kabuki brush is required for the application of mineral foundation as it gives the best results. Also compared to traditional foundation mineral foundation is used quite less in quantity.

In Australia celebrities are wearing it, ad companies are promoting it and this is making huge shift in buying decision of women. They are shifting from traditional foundation to mineral foundation. We can easily get best mineral foundation in Australia as it has increased demand for mineral foundation.

The major benefit of mineral foundation is that it helps the skin to breathe naturally after its application as it does not clog the pores this is one of the main reason for consumer to switch from traditional foundation to mineral foundation for makeup.

Lipstick Or Lip-gloss: Whats Your Pick?

Maintaining appearances has become much easier with the wide range of makeup products available in the market today. If we talk about lip products alone, they range from lip balms, lip stains, glosses, to velvet and matte lipsticks.


New products launch every other day but it always comes down to lipsticks vs. lip glosses. So which one wins? Keep reading to find out.

  • Long lasting

When it comes to a long wear lip product it has to a lipstick. As it is creamier and packed with pigment, it tends to stay on for longer. If you have too many drinks it will come off pretty easily. Glosses on the other hand start off shiny and fresh but fade with time. However, some brands are now claiming to launch lip glosses that stay for longer.

  • Pigment

Lip Glosses are usually shinier and don’t really have pigment packed in them, they are lightly tinted and give a softer look. Lipsticks on the other hand are extremely pigmented and opaque. Lip glosses are considered as a product used by teenagers while lipsticks are used by grownups.

  • Price Range

Both lipsticks and lip glosses come in high end brands as well as drug store brands. We can’t really put a price tag on them as it varies from brand to brand.

Basically it comes down to your preferences. Some people like their lip products to be sheer others like them bold and dark. We couldn’t really pick one, any product that comes under natural mineral makeup we are up for it. You can always mix and match, wear your lip gloss over your lipstick or vice versa.

A Guide To Facial Make Up Brushes

When looking at various tutorials, women often go out to buy the recommended brushes for their makeup routine. What often follows is the terror of so many brushes for the same purpose. Here is a simple guide for choosing the brush you need for your face, to perfect your foundation routine, and an overall look.

Courtesy- mindbodygreen

  • Dome-shaped brush

Often referred to as the Kabuki brush, the main purpose of this brush is to help with the smooth application of various products, from your foundation to a bronzer. It helps give a smoothing effect, with its soft, round bristles, and can be used to clean excess powder.

  • Angled face brush

This brush is usually used for contouring, with a fluffy feel, allowing you to give your face the perfect shape with a contour powder, highlighting your face or adding a flush of color with your blush. This brush spreads pigments in a way that blends it as well.

  • Concealer brush

Most eco makeup brands provide a concealer brush with the concealer. This is a small, firm, round tipped brush, allowing you to put concealer exactly where is should be, and in the exact quantity it needs to be.

  • Foundation brush

A foundation brush is a flat, dome shaped brush, which is densely packed. Its purpose is to provide a streak less and pore less coverage of foundation. It is soft enough to be used on the under eyes, to blend in the concealer and foundation.

We hope this guide to face brushes helps you create a flawless look for yourself.