Have A Close Look At the Offshore Career

One of the most flourishing businesses of the moment is the offshore access industry. This industry is distinguished by rapid growing orders and innovations. It is foretold that the growth will remain for the subsequent decade. 

Therefore, the offshore access industry is an attractive place to seek a job. Qualified personnel are limited and the demand for employees with specialised knowledge is high. The goal of this article, therefore, is to provide you with an offshore job and to describe the best companies to work for. You can also visit http://techsol247.co.uk/ to know more about the offshore engineering.

Offshore safety

Working offshore can be pretty dangerous, especially when you are assigned from the boat to the platform offshore. This can be an offshore oil platform, but also a staging of an offshore wind turbine. The degree of risk really depends on the method of providing offshore transport. For example, the helicopter has had quite some accidents in the past and is, therefore, risky to use particularly in unfavourable weather conditions like fog. Better offshore access solutions are the Wildcat workboat and the differentiated offshore access system.


In order to find a job in this industry, you must have some technological knowledge. For example, the differentiated offshore access system uses motion compensation systems to ensure safe offshore access, regardless of wave height. The following jobs are highly demanded by the industry:

• Service Engineer 

• ICT Engineer 

• Application Engineer (AutoCAD, graphic programs) 

• Launch  manager