Lanyards For Different Teachers

Courtesy: img0.etsystatic

Every teacher has a drawer full of lanyards that she would use on an everyday basis, whether it is for student name tags or perhaps for her own use. Below are ways in which lanyards could be used by teachers in a school setting.

1. Name tags

Almost all teachers, especially those teaching in primary schools, create name tags for all you’re the students studying in their class. It is always better for the student to wear these name tags with a lanyard around their neck. It makes it easier for the teacher to memorize their names in the early days of the academic year. Hence, it is good for a teacher to have a stock of lanyards which name tags available.

2. Sports

Lanyards are particularly important for teachers of physical education. A lanyard with a whistle attached at the end is always a great way to organize and discipline students during their PE or gym class. Moreover, color coded personalized lanyards for each sports team whether it be for football or volley ball would make it easier to keep track of the students during a large scale sports event. Now one can even find lanyards with water bottle attachments; these would be great for PE class.

3. Identification

Teachers themselves are also required to wear lanyards around their neck during the school hours. These might have the school’s colors and logo on them. These lanyards can also have attachments for pens, keys and more commonly teacher’s school ID cards.

Therefore, one can often find schools buying loads of lanyards in bulk; they are definitely a necessity for teachers.