Whale Shark Watching at Oslob in Cebu

Oslob, Cebu is one of the top choices of every traveler around the world on an itinerary for Southern Cebu. Oslob also takes pride for its scenic spots and activities. People can never go wrong with Oslob Cebu with the nature that it offers. Oslob Cebu is located near the sea, and the waters will greet a beautiful song with its waves and people find this as a perfect morning to start the day at Cebu. And as you go to the briefing area of the Whale Sharks, you will see a long line of people who waits for their turn and it’s quite a disturbing scene.

The Whale Shark interaction in Oslob is a 30-minute interaction with the whale sharks that will make you enjoy as if you’re riding in a rolling coaster. Before you swim and interact with them, you will have a quick short orientation required for the safety of the guests and the whale sharks as well. The orientation will only take around 5 minutes.

If you want to interact with the whale shark in a closer scale, you can go for a snorkeling that will cost 500 Pesos for Filipino and 1000 Pesos for foreigner that will include snorkeling gear but we suggest you that you bring your own for your hygienic purpose and a life vest that you can take off if you don’t like to float and not sink on the water in the interaction area. And if you just wanted to just stay on the boat and scared to interact and swim with them, which would cost for 300 Pesos for Filipino and 500 Pesos for foreigners. It’s a very rare and amazing activity that will truly make you cherish the moment of frightening and wondering.

After the long queue, the boatman will bring you to the area where you can interact with the whale sharks and then they will give you a go signal if it’s the time to start your 30 minutes of interaction. You are instructed to have a 4-meter distance away from the whale sharks.

You will truly enjoy the overall experience and Cebu Tours is open to help you with your needs for the tour that you are planning especially for Whale Shark Tours.