The 5 Character Traits Vital For Teaching English in Italy

For English language teachers in Italy, it’s always a good idea to be cost-efficient with materials. Whether you work for yourself or for a school, conserving paper and other classroom resources make teaching ESL less wasteful and more economical.

1) Are you flexible? If you answered “no”, you may be better off selecting a different nation. In Italy, things do not always run smoothly or punctually. At the native Trenitalia station in Salerno, it is common to see trains coming and going off-schedule.

Are you an ESL teacher? Are you dreaming of “La Bella Vita”? You could be blissful teaching English in Italy. Or you might be depressed Which will it be? Take a good look at your personality and personality before making the decision to teach English at “the boot”.

2) Are you assertive? If you answered yes, then that’s a fantastic thing. You really have to “put yourself out there” for anywhere in Italy, which means waiting in line at the post office (in which Italians pay their bills). The Italian personality occasionally borders on pushy, and you need to be prepared to claim yourself to get what you would like.

3) Are you social? Italians love to be social. You can see them media at business inaugurations, playing cards at the neighborhood “pizza” and chatting up neighbors in line in the supermarket. They don’t like being lonely. If you are an extrovert and like to make friends and add acquaintances to your contact list, you’ll be in a fantastic position to take advantage of Italy’s social networks.  If you are interested in teaching English jobs then click

4) Are you traditional? Yes, you need to be somewhat on the conservative/traditional side. Italy is very attached to its “roots” of the Catholic faith and close family units, particularly in the southern portion of the nation from the regions of Campania, Calabria, Puglia, and Sicilia. Individuals that are too progressive might not have a simple time separating their niche.

5) Are you energetic? Italians are very energetic and frequently even exuberant. They can be loud and animated. In case you have any questions, just sit down to lunch with an Italian family.

Everyone is unique, but being flexible, societal, assertive, energetic and traditional can allow you to navigate more easily in Italy. When making a determination in your ESL teaching destination, have some time to analyze your personal strengths and weaknesses. If you answered “no” to three or more questions about the record, you might want to reconsider teaching English in Italy.

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