Ways to Reduce Whiplash Effects

Whiplash is one of the most painful injuries anyone could face in a car accident. Whiplash is simply known as neck sprain or strain in medical terms. 

CT or MRI scans are required to assess the damage a whiplash injury has caused to ligaments, disks and muscles. In whiplash treatments, massage, physical therapy and pain medications are used to relieve pain and heal the body. If you are looking for a professional doctor for whiplash treatment in North Port you can search online. 

Here are few steps you can take to help reduce the effects of whiplash:

i) Manipulation: This technique is mostly used by chiropractors and also used in the treatment of whiplash. This treatment move injured joint in gentle bursts to prevent more damage. This procedure is painless. 

ii) Muscle relaxation or Stimulation:  Muscles have an inclination during and after an accident. This can cause chronic pain. Muscle stimulation technique is used to relax and stretch the muscles.

iii) Sensorimotor exercises and Stabilization: This technique will guide the nervous system and control the movement pattern and coordination. 

iv) McKenzie exercise: These are simple exercises for whiplash treatment and patients can do it at home.  

These are some chiropractic solutions for whiplash treatment. Keep them in mind for the better treatment of whiplash injury. 


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