What does short term rentals means?

Short term rentals are the homes and apartments that are rented only for a short period of time means less than 12 months, sometimes even just one month. Short term rentals are always remaining available for your needs. Some of the most common being sublets and corporate housing.

The most popular kinds of short term rentals are the sublets. First there is the one where the original renter puts her or his name on the lease and someone else moves into this rental and takes care of the payments.

Then another type of sublet is, the original renter removes their name from the lease, giving it to someone else. There are situations where the original renter doesn’t want to remain in the apartment for which they signed the lease. Sublets can often be seen as fantastic deals because the renter usually wants a way out.

The third kind of sublet implies having the original renter to rent just a room in the apartment, usually to a person who’s not on the lease. This means that this person becomes a new roommate who is not included in the lease.

Another important kind of short term rental is the lake tahoe vacation rentals which means that the houses or apartments that are rented to individuals, businesses or corporations are rented for a short period of time in front of the lake view.

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